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This is for anyone who has ever felt they didn't fit in, they were different, there was something wrong with them, they were told they couldn't do certain things or live life a certain way.

This is for anyone who sees life in techno-colour, who want to love their life, who value diversity and difference, who don't want to live the mould, who want to make the most of this one life we have.

This is me. A girl who wants to educate and inspire others to create their own reality. No matter what challenges you face, and we ALL have challenges (mental health is my demon), you CAN be happy, you CAN love your life.

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Latest Blog Posts

The Time I ... Went on the Ultimate Girls Weekend

Every girl needs to time to kick off her heels, ditch the boyfriend and indulge in some serious girl time and self pampering and what better way to do this than an entire weekend away filled with laughs, wine, good...

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The Most Instagrammable Places to Stay in Bali

Choosing where to stay in Bali is hard. Choosing where to stay when you want to take really cool pics is harder…never fear, Tiffany is here! After much research, many emails, and double booking myself on more than 1 occasion;...

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The Time I ... Learned How to Code

Learning how to code so I could build my own website was something I never thought would have been possible until I went to The Institute of Code. I knew I wanted to improve my existing website (hosted by...

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"We've worked with a lot of influencers and nobody has been as hard working and diligent as Tiffany, she won't promote anything she doesn't truly believe in and has a real relationship with her audiences which is reflected in the results of campaigns with her."

- The Institute of Code

"Tiffany is an excellent ambassador for our brand, she encaptulates the healthy living and attitude we promote."

- LAfit Studio

"It is like working with a friend you have known for years, she is friendly, passionate and authentic."

- Transit Clothing