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About the Tiffany Times

The Tiffany Times is my self-built website, where I share my experiences and life lessons with my readers/viewers/followers. I built a large social media presense on Instagram after appearing on reality TV in Australia in 2016 but found that while Instagram allows me to share images and short captions about my life, my website allows me to go into much more detail on the experiences I have had. This is a platform for me to express myself fully, to share information about projects that I work on or brands that I work with, and to add value to the world in some small way.

Work with me as a Blogger & Influencer

Blogger & Influencer

Through my social media channels and my website, I work with businesses to help them promote their products and offer advise on social media strategy. I only ever work with brands that I truly believe in and that are in line with my lifestyle and my message. I never want to be dishonest with those who look to me for advice or opinion and I want to be a trustworthy and genuine source of information. That being said, if you believe that working together would be mutually beneficial, and we are a good fit, then please get in contact with me by completing the form at the bottom of this page and I would be happy to send you my media kit and rates.

Work with me as a Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

I never realised that as I was living my life, I was actually building an incredible story that could offer comfort and inspiration to others. It wasn't until I opened up about my struggles on my social media channels and had an influx of messages that I realised I could really make a difference by sharing my story. My two main guest speaking topics are detailed below but I am happy to prepare a presentation on any of the topics I have written about in my blog. Please complete the Contact Form below if you would like to enquire about my availability and rates.

Battling Depression and Anxiety

I know this is a topic that many people have opinions about and I do not proclaim to be an expert, or a doctor, I can only speak from my own experiences and what I have learnt from those experiences. There is undeniably a negative stigma attached to having depression and/or anxiety. If people do believe that you have it then you are seen as a liability. If people don’t believe you have it then you are exaggerating your feelings and need to toughen up. It would seem there is no winning. My aim is to turn this stigma on it’s head. I believe that managing mental health issues makes a person incredibly resilient. Instead of seeing Depression and Anxiety as things that set people back, I hope I can demonstrate how they can be used to someone’s advantage. I have been in that deep dark place where life does not seem worth living, where you feel like a burden to those around you, you can’t see things getting better ever, and the pain is so much that you just sleep the days away wishing it would all end. I know that place. I know it well. I have been there more than once. I also know what incredible internal strength it takes to pull yourself out of that place. No one else can bring you back, they can help, but the journey back up is a conscious decision you must make on your own and you will come out of it stronger and stronger each time. It is this strength of character that I have built up over the years that has made me extremely resilient and self-aware and caused me to push boundaries in the exploration of a life that makes me truly happy. I value happiness above all else and my pursuit of a life that I love has taken me to some weird and wonderful places! It isn’t mental health that held me back, but rather it gave me that edge to do some amazing things! In my presentation on mental health I discuss in detail my own personal struggles with this illness and the highs and lows I have experienced because of it. I share the major turning points in my journey to happiness and how I came to view my depression and anxiety as assets rather than weaknesses.

Handling yourself on Social Media

My growth in the realm of social media came unconventionally and rapidly. I started, like most do, with my friends and family as my ‘followers’ which grew one day to 5k followers when fitness guru Kayla Itsines reposted one of my progress pictures. In 2016 I was a contestant on the 4th season of The Bachelor Australia which led to my following increasing to around 30k when the show was airing. After the show, I formed a relationship with one of the other contestants from the show which made International headlines and resulted in my following skyrocketing to over 90k overnight. It then continued to grow organically to over 100k followers which has completely changed my life, but not all for the better. I was completely unprepared for the attention I was receiving both good and bad, especially the bad. The online bullying and trolling was relentless in the beginning and it really affected me. People I didn’t know and who didn’t know me where saying horrible things about me, I received death threats, everything I did was under a microscope and apparently open to public judgement. I learnt many things the hard way - posting things I shouldn’t have, retaliating to the haters, taking things personally and letting social media change the way I was living my life. Social media’s impact on our lives is inevitable and ignoring it means cutting off a massive part of today’s culture and closing yourself off to the benefits it can have. But it is managing these impacts, and better understanding what social media is (what it should and should not be used for) and gaining some perspective that is crucial in this age of social media dominance. In my presentation I share my social media journey in depth, I show examples of the bullying I received, and I speak about the lessons I have learned. My aim is to educate others on the realities of social media, to raise awareness of the impact of bullying through social media and to train people on how to use social media to maximise the benefits and minimise the negatives.


"We've worked with a lot of influencers and nobody has been as hard working and diligent as Tiffany, she won't promote anything she doesn't truly believe in and has a real relationship with her audiences which is reflected in the results of campaigns with her."

- The Institute of Code

"Tiffany is an excellent ambassador for our brand, she encaptulates the healthy living and attitude we promote."

- LAfit Studio

"It is like working with a friend you have known for years, she is friendly, passionate and authentic."

- Transit Clothing

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