The Time I ... Saw Perth Like a Version

In Celebration of WA Day, I decided I would spend 24 hours In Perth City and look at it through the eyes of a tourist to try to gain a better appreciation for all that this wonderful home of mine has to offer. What I had not expected was to see that different parts of Perth reminded me of other places I have visited around the world. So please read on to see how Perth is ‘like a version’ of everywhere else…

Adventure Headquarters

I decided to stay at the Adina Hotel Apartments located on Barrack Street because they are located close to public transport (Perth Underground Train Station is a 5 minute walk) and within walking distance of both Northbridge and the city. The other Adina Hotel, located next to the Perth Convention Centre, would also have been a great location but just a bit further from the Northbridge side of the city, plus I got this amazing view of the city from my window on Barrack Street!

After forcing my friend to take multiple photos of me in front of the window, we headed out to explore the city and I quickly discovered that Perth was like a whole lot of worldly experiences all rolled into one!!

Perth’s version of London

The most obvious worldly influence on Perth is British. You can see it in the architecture all over the city. Many buildings are heritage listed with the facades reminiscent of an older era. As you walk around the street Malls on Murray Street and Hay Street you can see a blend of the original and modern architecture. It’s actually really interesting to look for the names of the original buildings and learn what they were built for. A prime example is the building where City Beach (surf shop) and H&M are now located. This massive and beautiful building was originally built as a bank. Other beautiful buildings include the Queen Victory Building and the Regal Theatre. If there is a show at the Regal, it makes for a wonderful evening out.

One of the Arcades in the city, fittingly named ‘London Court’, is Perth’s version of Tudor England. Built in 1937 It Is a bit of a tourist hot spot. I had to wait a while to have my turn taking a picture in front but think I nailed it!

Another reminder of Great Britain, though this one is located in Newcastle rather than London, are the tilting arches of the pedestrian walkway across the river entrance to Elizabeth Quay. They reminded me of a smaller (and less functional) version of Newcastles Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Compare the two (Left Newcastle, Right Perth)

Perth’s version of Paris

There are a couple of places in Perth that remind of Paris. Top of the list is King Street which is Perth’s version of The Champs-Élysées. A very small version mind you, but quintessentially the same thing right? White buildings, designer labels and some sort of photoshoot happening. Here is me being not so fancy in front of my famous shop!

The next Parisian reminder I had was the Bell Tower. I turned to my friend and said “hey that’s Perth’s version of the Eiffel Tower”! Then as you walk up to the entrance of the Bell Tower there is Perth’s version of the Pont des Arts Bridge, the famous Bridge in Paris covered in love locks.

Perth’s Version of other Australian cities

The latest edition to Perth is Elizabeth Quay which reminds me of Sydney’s Circular Quay boasting spectacular views of the city.

Another Sydney-a-like is King’s Park. Located alongside the city, filled with native Australian flora and city views just like The Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney. Possibly one of my favourite chill out spots in Perth, King’s Park is a perfect place for a walk and picnic. While the Valley of Giants tree top walk in Denmark, Western Australia, is hard to beat, Perth has it’s own mini version located in King’s Park, the Federation Walkway. Definitely worth a look.

Perth may not have the same reputation as Melbourne for our street art or our coffee but we are certainly gaining ground. As you walk around Perth, be sure to head down some back alley’s and you can find some really cool cafe’s and street art. Wolf’s Lane is a prime example which has one of my favourite cafe’s, The Secret Garden.

Perth’s Version of Italy

Did you know that you can take a Gondola ride along the Swan River from Elizabeth Quay?! I had no idea until I saw one gliding off into the sunset and of course this reminded me of Venice!

Another import from Venice is the Italian crafted Carousel that features at Elizabeth Quay. I found out that this was actually commissioned and imported by a local Perth Jeweller for his children and generations to follow, what a gift!

And of course what would be Italy without delicious Gelato? It wouldn’t! Which is why there is Gusto’s Gelato also conveniently located at Elizabeth Quay. Nom Nom Nom

Perth’s Version of America

Have you ever been to the famous palm-tree lined Sunset Boulevard? Well now you don’t have to because Perth has it’s very own look-a-like, Riverside Drive!

When I think of America, I think Burgers and fries haha! In the past few years Perth has introduced some awesome gourmet burger joints and one of my favourites is V-Burger also located down at Elizabeth Quay. Not only does it have great burgers (I recommend the Avocado Chicken), It also has a perfect view for enjoying the sunset and watching the city light up at night.

This may seem like a bit of a stretch…and it kind of is, but Perth’s version of the famous Hawaiian Stairway to Heaven is Jacob’s Ladder. This a local favourite for fitness fanatics who run or walk the 242 step concrete stairway to a sweaty heaven. The reward is not only physical, but beautiful views of Perth city and the Swan River if you can take your eyes off the persons butt in front you you!

Perth’s version of Asia

Asides from the obvious - China Town, Perth has a few other places with an Asian flavour. Northbridge and Perth are packed with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese Restaurants. I highly recommend Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar, if you can get a seat that is.

Thailand’s capital Bangkok has arguable the best roof top bars in the world and Perth with its Idilic weather has caught on and has some extremely cool bars with city views. The Avery, Bob’s Bar and The Revelry are my favourites for a cheeky cocktail.

That’s a wrap!

After traveling all over the world in a day and having a well earned drink, I retired back to my bed at the Adina Hotel, but not before enjoying another glass of complimentary wine on the balcony and ordering an in-room movie to watch in bed!

Until Next Time